Urdal is a research-based studio of one working in the fun intersection between design and journalism, text and textiles, pleasure and friction ūüćč Collaboration is key and Urdal creates product design and publications, organizes events and exhibitions.

Hello, I'm Thea Urdal (b. 1987) ūüĎč

I am very very fond of text and textiles. I'm both a journalist and designer (yes, confusing) with a BA in Product Design and Textiles from OsloMet, an MA in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts combined with an educational stint at Parsons New School of Design, New York.

As a designer I’m interested in emotional design, curiosity, speculative fiction and the importance of semantics. My design practice can in many ways be rooted in the fuzzy and fluffy in-between zones of graphic design, textile design, service design and interaction design. I have always loved creating spaces for interaction, facilitating for conversation, food experiences, engagement and knowledge exchange, and then documenting said exchanges into either publications, exhibitions or types of audiovisual media. I enjoy this kind of designer-as-translator work, it gives me a true sense of pleasure.

Over the years my journalism and critiques have appeared in both international and Norwegian publications, periodicals and dailies. I've also worked extensively within the field of Norwegian contemporary art and have a penchant for planning and producing exhibitions, talks and lectures.

I currently work as the web editor for the National Library of Norway, but have been fortunate to work with the following companies in the past:

D2, Dagens N√¶ringsliv‚Äč; Monocle‚Äč; Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA); The Gourmand‚Äč; NYLON Magazine‚Äč; Einar Granum Kunstfagskole‚Äč; Dagsavisen‚Äč; mimosa‚ÄĒstudio (co-founder); Astrup Fearnley; Unge Kunstneres Samfund (Young Artists' Society); Klassekampen‚Äč; Henie Onstad; Kunstnernes Hus; Litteraturhuset (The House of Literature); Aftenposten‚Äč; OSL Contemporary/The Vigeland Museum; Morgenbladet‚Äč; Norwegian Fashion and Textile Agenda‚Äč; OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway); Christie's (Haunch of Venison); The Oslo National Academy of the Arts; Westerdals; The Great Norwegian Encyclopedia.

Member of:

Grafill ‚ÄĒ Norwegian Organisation for Visual Communication; Norwegian Critics' Association; The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts.

Portrait of Thea