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Thea Urdal (b. 1987) is a journalist and designer. She has a BA in Product Design in Textiles and an MA in Graphic Design and Illustration from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Monocle, The Gourmand, NYLON, D2, Dagsavisen, Klassekampen & Aftenposten. She was on the founding team of Monocle 24 in London and has worked extensively as an event producer. After graduating she has been working with Norwegian contemporary art, notably at the Young Artist's Society (UKS) and Høstutstillingen. She also worked for OCA during the 56th International Venice Biennale in 2015. She is the co-founder of mimosa—studio with Karoline Bakken Lund.


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Below you will find selected pieces of writing (mostly in Norwegian, but some tidbits in English), as well as few random design samples. Interspersed are a bunch of sushi buddies, mostly because they're cool dudes.


CV and full portfolio upon request.



Literary criticism

Lars Mørch Finborud — Å slipe ned gravsteiner

Lydspor til livet (Dagsavisen, 26.02.14)
















Feature journalism

Profile interview, artist Yngve Holen

Turbojetkunst (D2, Dagens Næringsliv, 05.12.14)

MA project at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The MA project was about archives and private collections — and how one as a graphic designer can take small excerpts from archives and put them into new contexts, e.g. an exhibition.


Literary Criticism

Frode Saugestad — En ung manns bekjennelser

om kjærlighet

Roman som rastløs performance

(Dagsavisen, 18.05.13)

Literary Criticism

Cecilie Aurstad — Bare ukedager

Etter stengetid (Klassekampen, 08.12.12)

Literary Criticism

Siri Hustvedt — This Blazing World

Hustvedt på sitt beste (Dagsavisen, 19.03.14)

Marbling project


Image from MA project at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts


Literary critiscism

Eline Lund Fjæren — Ung jente, voksen mann

Sensuelt og subtilt (Dagsavisen, 07.08.13)